Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

I happened to tune into George C. Wolfe's Nights in Rodanthe on Lifetime recently and quite by accident. I love Diane Lane, and for me, her deep emotional connection to this woman is the reason to see the film. Richard Gere is also very good as a doctor who lost a patient on the operating table. His attempt to cope and connect to his doctor son (uncredited James Franco) is at the core of the plot. Lane meets him at a North Carolina inn that she is tending for a friend, and of course, they fall in love. And I'm sure the love scenes were edited for cable, and so, I should rent the dvd to see the max. After all there's a hurricane raging outside, so there must be more than meets the eye under the sheets! Plotwise, she insists that he make a fuller commitment to face his demons head on; he does, and this ends up changing him for the better. Lane is luminous as always. What a great actress! The film does not have the impact of The Bridges of Madison County, but is still worth viewing, if not for anything other than to relish Lane's performance and view that gorgeous North Carolina beachfront scenery.